Postgres is an open-source RDBMS that can be hosted independently on a machine, or hosted via a database service using EDB. PostgreSQL can be installed in different ways depending on the operating system that is being used.

  • macOS: There are 3 main ways of installing Postgres on macOS — Installation…


React hooks, which got introduced in 16.8 versions, are a new way of using state, and others react lifecycle methods in functional components. React hooks were introduced to solve 3 major problems in the earlier versions of react:

  1. Resuing logic: When multiple components need to share logic, using Higher-order components…

What is the need to chain a function?

Functions are the first-class citizens in javascript. Every method or pattern implementation is done through functions. Many times in programming, we face a situation where we need to call a series of functions one after the other, passing the value from one step to the next step. …

What is a generator function?

Generator functions are a new class of functions that were introduced by the EcmaScript 2015 standard. A generator is a function that can be paused mid-way at any point during the execution and resumed whenever required. The best part about the generator functions is that they preserve the execution context…

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